Shattering the Myth? Audiences’ Relationship to Local Media and Local News Revisited

Table 1: Descriptive results of human coding and JeRI tokenization (reflecting first 50 stories coded)


Source by categoryCodersJeRI: Entered
Number of sources/ total395489
AUT (Authority)22744
EXP (Expert)6323
UNA (Unaffiliated)6317
ORG (Organization)41
MED (Media)381

*Skip indicates instances in which JeRI misidentified sources and then was trained to categorize them correctly. JeRI results are expected improve as training progresses.

Table 2: Descriptive results of human coding of Toronto Star story, “Anti-carding coalition urges a bold rewrite of Ontario’s rules for ‘street checks’” (December 5, 2015)

SourceFrequencyPositionAttribution wordsLines of attributionHeadlineSubhead
Coalition11Says, Calls, Say, Reads, Continues the release811
Howard Morton12Says100
Alok Mukherjee13Said100
Police Leaders/Unions14Said100
Rights Groups15Hailed, Write, Say300
Sukanya Pillay16"Voices"100
Renu Mandhane17"Voices"100
Knia Singh18"Voices"100
Gordon Cressy19"Voices"100
Cutty Duncan & Shadya Yasin110"Voices"100
Ranjit Khatkur111"Voices"100